• Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Supporter of the Year Award at the 2017 gsport Awards! This Award was created to honour those special family members and others (any gender) who helped to make SA women athletes’ dreams come true during the Year under Review.
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  • You are welcome (but not obliged) to assist the judges by submitting information in the window below about your contributions that has helped to make SA women athletes’ dreams come true, with an emphasis on such support between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017.
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<strong>What is #gsport12 and the 2017 gsport Awards</strong>?
The gsport Awards is SA’s only evening dedicated to celebrating the cream of SA women in sport, and this will be the 12th annual gsport Awards.

<strong>What does this nomination mean</strong>?
This nomination means that the voice of SA women in sport is getting stronger, and that someone considers you qualified to be considered for this Award.

<strong>What happens from here</strong>?
Each nominee is offered a brief opportunity to supplement nominations with a personal motivation for the judges’ consideration. Next the #gsport12 judges meet in person to decide on the three finalists per Awards category. Then, after online voting at the gsport Awards, the winner of each Award will be unveiled on Saturday, 26 August.

<strong>What criteria do the judges apply in making their decisions</strong>?
The judges convene in an in-person session to grade qualifying nominations under supervision of gsport’s Awards auditors, and are given a wide discretion in applying personal insight with supplied information to identify the three leading candidates among nominations received for each Awards category.

<strong>When and where are the Awards held</strong>?
The 2017 gsport Awards will be held in Johannesburg, 2017.

<strong>Does this nomination mean that I am invited to attend the Awards</strong>?
Each year, every effort is made to ensure that all three finalists per Awards category attend the gsport Awards.

<strong>What are the important dates for the 2017 gsport Awards</strong>?
<strong>Phase 1: From Scratch to Nominees</strong>:
• 8 February – 1 July: Public Nomination window
• 2 July: Evaluation and completion of nominations
• 3-4 July: Nominees invited to submit personal motivations in support of nominations
• 6 July: Final Nominee packs to Judges
<strong>Phase 2: From Nominees to Finalists</strong>:
• 10 July: In-person Judging of all Nominations
• 13 July: Auditors consolidate votes, provide gsport with a list of Finalists
<strong>Phase 3: From Finalists to Award Winners</strong>:
• 17 July: Finalists announced; Public Voting opens
• 7 August: Public voting closes
• 8-15 August: Auditors consolidate votes, provide gsport with the list of Winners
• 26 August: Winners to be unveiled at the 2017 gsport Awards in Johannesburg


<b>Please Note</b>:
There are earlier known instances of attempts to gain an unfair advantage for candidates nominated for a gsport Award. gsport reserves the right to require compliance with the rules of the gsport Awards, and to make final decisions regarding the standing of nominees in cases which require intervention to ensure a fair process for all participants.