The legacy of last year’s third-year Sport Management students at Tshwane University of Technology laid waste to the maxim that education is not sport, and sport is not education, when their academic year assignment to apply learned knowledge in practice morphed into a movement of mass participation, talent identification and women empowerment in sport.

Most encouraging was the wave of enthusiasm and empowerment that spread among the female students of all ages, walks of life and levels of fitness.

In its year of inauguration, three players who decided to join the league for fun were identified and recruited into the very successful 4-times varsity champions female soccer team. 

The league itself comprised of a zealous chairperson, Marensia Khosi, who with the assistance of her organising committee was able to showcase just how much untapped potential there is among and in women sport. 

This year, with the opening ceremony scheduled for 24 July, a new organising committee the TUT Female Football Internal League look forward with great excitement to the upcoming event’s the first anniversary inviting the institution’s female students to ‘show up with their boots’. 

Fittingly, the league will start where it ended – with a just as enthusiastic new crew under the auspices of Marensia Khosi and ambassador TUT captain and Banyana Banyana Vice captain Refiloe Jane sustaining the project as a Sport Management student herself. 

When asked about the envisaged prospects of such an academic project, Dr Pam Serra, the section head of Sport and Recreation Management could only commend the outgoing TUTFFIL organising committee. 

“It is truly humbling and exciting to see the aptitude and promise in these future women sport managers and administrators,” said Dr Serra, “In quoting the late Nelson Mandela to the students, “Sport has the power to change the world,” and TUT Sport Management students are starting in their own backyard.


Photo 1 caption: The 2017 TUT Female Football Internal League organising committee established a high legacy for the incoming crew: TUTFFIL

Photo 2 caption:  The fun-focussed 2017 Female Football Internal League surprised as a powerful platform for mass participation, talent identification and women empowerment in sport for students of all ages, walks of life and levels of fitness. Image: TUTFFIL