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gsport was founded in 2006 to fill the gap in information about South African women in sport. As we look forward to celebrate the 15th gsport Awards in August, together we have published more than 6000 articles featuring strong women in sport. This community is strong on social media, with more than 11,000 followers on Facebook and 12,500 on Twitter, nearly 10,000 posts on Instagram, and with more than 300 videos published on Youtube. The weekly gsport newsletter reaches more than 6000 recipients. This community is all about women in sport, and is not complete without you.

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About Us

What is gsport4girls?

gsport is an online initiative (and not-for-profit NGO) which launched in 2006 to raise the profile of South African women in sport, and to encourage Corporate South Africa to back our female athletes.

Why women’s sport?

  • Men’s sport is well established, well-funded, and well-covered by the media
  • Women’s sport, by contrast, is mostly sustained by a dedicated volunteer base of participants and supporters, and rarely receives media coverage
  • It is about time that South African women’s outstanding contribution to sport, as participants and as facilitators, is recognised.

Women’s Sport Not Cancelled

The biggest project underway at gsport started when the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all into lockdown. We made a promise that, even though live sport was on hold, gsport would publish a new article every single day promoting the good work of women in sport. And that’s just what we’ve done! gsport does not agree with cancel culture. We have been here with you every day, and we will continue down this road, by your side, come what may. Please support our amazing featured guests by searching ‘lockdown’ in the window above, to see the range of articles we’ve published with your help – thank you!

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