A Look at the Medalists at the All African Games

by | Aug 29, 2019

Team South Africa have collected a total of 66 medals so far at the All African Games in Morocco and are still vying for more before the tournament ends on Saturday, 31 August, 2019.

There have been outstanding performances, especially from the swimming team with Erin Gallagher taking the lead with her three gold medal achievements in the 50m, 100m freestyle and the 50m backstroke events. Her partner, Kaylene Corbett also rose to the occasion with her three gold medals in the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke finals.

In other events, Tiffany Keep raced to the finish line in fine form as she claimed number one spot in the mountain biking cross-country category, Maroesjka Matthee also bagged top honours in the road race event.

Here is the Full List of Winners:
Tiffany Keep (cycling), women’s mountain biking cross-country
Ashleigh Pasio (cycling), women’s individual time trial
Maroesjka Matthee (cycling), women’s road race
Women’s team time trial (cycling)
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 50m freestyle
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 100m freestyle
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 50m backstroke
Kaylene Corbett (swimming) women’s 50m breaststroke
Kaylene Corbett (swimming) women’s 100m breaststroke
Kaylene Corbett (swimming) women’s 200m breaststroke
Samantha Randle (swimming) women’s 400m IM
Jessica Whelan (swimming) women’s 200m IM
Women’s 4x200m freestyle (swimming)
Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay (swimming)
Women’s 4x100m medley relay (swimming)
Mixed 4x100m freestyle relay (swimming)
Mixed 4x100m medley relay (swimming)

Michaela Whitebooi (judo) women’s 48kg
Unelle Snyman (judo) women’s 78kg
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 50m breaststroke
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 100m breaststroke
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 200m breaststroke
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 200m freestyle
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 400m freestyle
Samantha Randle (swimming) women’s 200m backstroke
Samantha Randle (swimming) women’s 800m freestyle
Samantha Randle (swimming) women’s 1500m freestyle
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 50m butterfly
Erin Gallagher (swimming) women’s 100m butterfly
Zanri Rossouw (cycling) women’s individual time trial
Jo-Ane van Dyk (athletics) women’s javelin
Women’s 4x100m (athletics)

Emma Chelius (swimming) women’s 50m freestyle
Emma Chelius (swimming) women’s 100m freestyle
Emma Chelius (swimming) women’s 50m butterfly
Carla Antonopoulos (swimming) women’s 1500m freestyle
Michael Houlie (swimming) 100m breaststroke
Jessica Whelan (swimming) women’s 400m IM
Kerryn Herbst (swimming) women’s 100m backstroke
Christin Mundell (swimming) women’s 200m IM
Mixed Team event (badminton)
Zinzi Chabungu (athletics) women’s triple jump
Taylon Bieldt (athletics) women’s 100m hurdles
Sunette Viljoen (athletics) women’s javelin

Medals by Codes
Kaylene Corbett (3)
Erin Gallagher (3)
Samantha Randle
Jessica Whelan
Women’s 4x100m freestyle
Mixed 4x100m medley relay
Women’s 4x200m freestyle
Mixed 4x100m freestyle
Women’s 4x100m medley relay
Christin Mundell (5)
Samantha Randle (3)
Erin Gallagher (2)
Emma Chelius (3)
Carla Antonopoulos
Jessica Whelan
Kerryn Herbst
Christin Mundell

Tiffany Keep
Ashleigh Pasio
Maroesjka Matthee
Women’s team time trial
Zanri Rossouw

Jo-Ane van Dyk
Women’s 4x100m
Zinzi Chabungu
Taylon Bieldt
Sunette Viljoen

Michaela Whitebooi
Unette Snyman

Mixed team event


Photo 1 Caption: South African swimming team members Erin Gallagher, Emma Prinsloo, Jessica Whelan and Kerryn Herbst have all impressed in the pool at the 12th All African Games in Morocco. Photo: @erin_gallagher12 on Instagram

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