Rio Qualification Rewards Hartley’s Blonde Ambition

If you were to meet Bridgitte Hartley, she may describe herself as an optimistic blonde with a flair for sport.

What she won’t readily tell you is that in 2012, she made history at the Olympics when she bagged bronze in the K1 500m final.

It was South Africa’s first ever canoeing Olympic medal, and Hartley’s podium finish […]

Food for Life

Food For Life“Some of us,” writes Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, “while looking at a piece of carrot, can see the whole cosmos in it, can see the sunshine in it, can see the earth in it. It has come from […]

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Learning to Listen

Parenting coach Nikki Bush tells the story of one of her young sons, who embarked on a discussion about God in the middle of the morning sandwich-making rush.  “You have to be so quick with children,” she laughs.  “Important conversations seldom happen when it’s absolutely convenient for the parent, and putting them off usually means […]

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