It started off as a dream and twelve years later, here gsport is. Still supporting women’s sport and working every day to make the circle bigger.

Over the past few weeks, as I watched the 2018 gsport Awards votes racking up, with hundreds of new members joining the movement, I realised that our daily action of telling the story of South African women’s sport is starting to pay off.

I’ve heard it said that it takes at least 10 years to become an overnight success, and that is pretty much how this journey feels.

More than a decade of committed action and finally we feel like gsport is breaking through. This was confirmed recently when South Africa’s only online initiative dedicated to SA’s women in sport won the South African Media Innovation Program’s Perfect Pitch award, for “Most Lit News Startup”

So, do we feel like gsport has arrived?

Far from it! Every stride gsport makes, we are reminded of the bigger picture. Women’s sport is still finding its feet, and the gaps in development are glaring.

Are we discouraged? Not at all… In fact, it’s the public support. The passion of this community, working decades to succeed, who have carried the flame for gsport.

gsport’s mission is to raise the profile of women’s sport in South Africa, to encourage Corporate South Africa to back our female athletes.

gsport provide a thriving platform where women in sport are empowered to self-publish their part in the inspiring and ongoing story of SA women in sport, with other features specifically created to assist the building of brands.

It’s not just about empowering women in sport, it’s about enabling you to tell your own stories, and to attract a wider net of support.

On gsport’s birthday, my wish for South African women’s sport is for it turn fully professional, and for funding to match that of men’s sport. Only we can make this happen. And, if we stand together, it will come so much sooner.