Graeme Wallace, director of In2Touch, has told gsport that interest from women in playing Touch, is “very high”.
“In particular at school level, Touch is a very “cool” sport to play. At a school level, far more girls play the sport of touch Rugby than boys. For instance we have close to 100 school girls’ teams around South Africa.

“Touch and Women’s Touch,  specifically, has been promoted in South Africa for the last 10 years. The first National Women Touch team was selected in 1999,” said Wallace.
For the past 10 years, In2Touch has run mixed leagues, where men and women play in the same team, but Wallace says the men tend to be a bit over-competitive.
“Despite a large number of women playing Touch at school, there is a also high drop-out rate after school.

“Creating a women’s league will try to encourage the ladies back to the sport, without them waiting for an invite to play in a corporate league or with men in a mixed league,” continued Wallace.

“Once they are confident in playing women’s Touch they can then consider playing Mixed Touch Rugby.”

In2Touch National manager, Dale Cassel, says interest in the new women’s league has been encouraging.
“We have managed to get a full team from the University of Johannesburg. Obviously with time it will grow so for the meantime were aiming for 6 ladies teams.
“The beauty about the launch is you don’t need a team. Since a large number of provincial ladies will be joining the league, we’ll slot you into a team with these ladies, who will act as “playing coaches”.

"Thus you won’t only play 6-down, but improve as you’re playing with people who have been playing at a higher level."
The new women’s league starts on Thursday evening (31st May) at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg, and runs for 10 weeks.
Teams can enter online at the Touch Rugby website, may call 08600 Touch (086 008 6824) during office hours for more information, and individual participants can also contact Colleen Mills (, who’ll slot you into a team.