Top 10 Sports Codes on gsport

(by Newsroom article count, updated monthly)

The gsport Leaderboard lists the top 10 sports codes, ranked according to the total number of Newsroom articles by sports code, published at the website.

Newsroom Reports by Sports Code

(as at 10 July, 2015)

1. Hockey
2. Soccer
3. Cricket
4. Cycling
5. Surfing
6. Netball
7. Golf
8. Running
9. Rugby
10. Athletics


1. What is the gsport Leaderboard?

The gsport Leaderboard is a fun way to illustrate the popularity of women’s sports codes in South Africa, as published on the gsport website.

2. Is the Leaderboard the definitive source of popularity of the different sports codes in South Africa?

No. Certain sports have multiple sources of news reports (e.g.: Running and Cycling) which swells their number of published news reports, while other sports codes’ news reports come from a single governing body (e.g. Cricket and Hockey).

3. When is the Leaderboard updated?

The Leaderboard count is checked on the 10th day of each month, and this page will be updated shortly thereafter.

4. Where is my sport?

gsport would love to publish news reports about your sport. Please ask your sports code governing body to add gsport to its media email distribution list.

5. How can I get my sport onto the gsport Leaderboard?

Provided your sport features women athletes, news reports by or about your sporting code are eligible for publication on the gsport website.

6. What does it cost to have news reports published in the gsport Newsroom?

gsport does not charge to publish sports news reports in the Newsroom, but due to capacity constraints, not every new report received can be published. Reports which best convey positive news content about women’s sport in SA are favoured.

7. How often do the sports codes on the Leaderboard change position?

With more than 5,000 Newsroom articles published at the gsport website, it can take some time for a change in the Leaderboard.