2008 January gSTAR: Stacy Bregman

by | Jan 1, 2008

Lee Bregman has always been sporty but seven years ago she chose to
pursue a career in golf. Her dedication and hard work paid off in
October 2006 when she played her part in South Africa winning the World
Amateur Team Championships – the first
time a South African team had won the Championship.

A month
later, she earned her Ladies European Tour card, after placing third at the Tour School
in Spain,
which heralded the start of her professional career.

Now at the
age of 21, Stacy is living her dream of playing golf internationally while
contributing to the growth of South African women’s golf by showing young girls
that with the right kind of attitude anything is possible.

This proud
South African, whose golfing heroes include Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam, credits
her coach, Neville Sundelson, for her progress in women’s golf, saying she
wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for him.

 Going from
one of South Africa’s
top amateurs to turning professional has been an exciting journey for Stacy but
she knows it’s only just the beginning. One of her main goals for 2008 is to
qualify to play in the United

Her advice
to young women who would like to make a career out of golf is to have passion,
to be persistent, and to persevere.

positive attitude caught the eye of Ashley Kotzin, CEO of Forwardzone, who signed Stacy over a year ago. Kotzin told gsport he signed because she is an
extremely dedicated athlete who works hard at her golf.

"In a sport
like golf, the dedication to stand on the range to want to train for numerous
hours a day and constantly work hard is a very important thing and it was an
attribute we felt we liked and something we felt we wanted to unlock."

"The areas where we’ve been involved is the travel planning,
trying to help raise sponsorship, provide some financial backing where she
needed it and just give her a backbone of support to support her career."

A promising
future lies ahead for Stacy whose ultimate dream is to be the best golfer she
can be and make a difference in lives of others.

Introducing gsport’s 2008 January gSTAR, rising golf star, Stacy Lee Bregman!

Stacy, when did you start playing golf?

I started
playing golf at the age of 14. My friend took me to the driving range and then
I meet my coach on the golf Course. To cut a long story short.

At what stage did you realise you wanted to make a
career out of it?

When I meet
my coach Neville Sundelson on the golf course and he realized I had potential.
He said to me you either want to make it your profession or play socially.

So it was
then I made my mind up to take it up seriously and stopped playing all sports
at school.

Who are your golfing heroes and why?

Tiger Woods
and Annika (Sorenstam). I think they are great role models to all.

They are
hard workers and people don’t realize how much a professional sportsman has to
sacrifice to get places!

What have been your biggest golf highlights in 2007?

Winning the
order of merit on the LAT. Having a top 10 finish in the Ladies English Open.

Which other sports do you enjoy either as a
participant or a spectator?

Tennis, Rugby, soccer. I love watching all sports.

Who are your favourite sports stars?

Armstrong and Roger Federer

What can be done to further improve the state of
women’s golf in South Africa?

Women’s golf
is growing and more people are watching and becoming interested in it. I think
that advertising is the key. People must be aware of up and coming tournaments
and there must be more TV coverage

What is your advice to young women who would like to
follow in your footsteps and become a professional golfer?

 I like to
call it the 3 p’s.

persistance and perseverance.

You have to
be dedicated and want to be great.

What are your goals for 2008 and how do you plan to
go about achieving them?

I know if I
can improve every season I will reach my goals and potential.

I want to go
and qualify in the States next year.

gsport strives to celebrate femininity. How would
you define femininity and what role does it play in your life?

is a state of mind where women feel good about themselves physically and
mentally. I feel comfortable and try and look well groomed

and try and
perform to my best ability

Is there a noble thought or principle that helps guide
you in life?

Treat other
as you would like to be treated.

It costs
nothing to smile and to be happy.

What do you miss the most, when you’re away from

My family,
friends, coach and having my laundry done.

What is the best thing about South Africa?

The weather
and people.

People don’t
appreciate what an awesome country we really do have.

Which is your favourite golf course?

I love The
Gary Player (Golf Course). It a tough and testing course. I think Gary really designed a
great course because it tests your game in all departments.

Tell us about the individuals who have been most
instrumental in your golfing career?

My coach
Neville Sundelson. He has put so much time, effort and pride in my game. No one
in the world would do that. He was a great player and he always passes on wise knowledge
to me all the time. He is why I am what I am today.

Who are your sponsors, and how have they contributed
to your success?

For 2007 I
have New Star, Titleist, Callaway, British Airways and Morellato.

Having money
for your travels is important so you can get from tournament to tournament. Equipment
to play better golf. An airline to help with travel expenses. Jellary Morellato
to look great when on and off the course.

Who are your role models?

Tiger, Gary
Player and Ben Hogan.

What inspires you?

When a
person makes the most of what they have got and makes difference in peoples

What is your greatest ambition?

To be the
best golfer I can be and to make a difference in peoples lives.

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