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What is gsport4girls?

gsport is an online initiative launched on 1 August, 2006, to raise the profile of South African women in sport, and to encourage Corporate South Africa to back our female athletes.

In June 2015,  the gsport initiative was formally registered in South Africa as a not-for-profit NGO, to be known as The gsport Trust.

The first Board of Trustees of The gsport Trust were:

Sherylle Calder
Penny Heyns
Hazel Gumede
Anele Mdoda
Ryk Meiring
Elana Meyer
Kass Naidoo


Why women’s sport?

  • Men’s sport is well established, well-funded, and well-covered by the media
  • Women’s sport, by contrast, is mostly sustained by a dedicated volunteer base of participants and supporters, and rarely receives media coverage
  • It is about time that South African women’s outstanding contribution to sport, as participants and as facilitators, is recognised.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does gsport have social media accounts? You can like @gsport4girls on facebook, follow @gsport4girls on twitter, and click here to visit gsport on Instagram.
  • What does gsport consist of? The gsport website currently publishes a daily Newsroom publishing breaking women’s sports news, plus an archive of Leading Ladies interviews and Feature Articles.
  • Can gsport sponsor my sport? The gsport mandate is not to sponsor sport events or individuals, but to improve the media profile of South African women in sport, and in that manner to facilitate increased sponsorship opportunities.
  • Will gsport always be free? The gsport website will always be free, though some aspects of the website will be restricted to registered members only.
  • What are gsport’s plans for the future? The central aim of gsport is to improve the profile of South African sports women, and we are continually working on new improvements for the site.
  • What women’s sport is published on gsport? We intend to publish news and details of all South African women’s sport on gsport.
  • How can I get news of my sport covered on gsport? gsport publishes South African women’s sports news on a daily basis, most of it originating from sponsors of women’s sport, from athletes, coaches and administrators, who send us news of sport going on. Well-organised sports bodies send us finished articles and photos of their sports events, ready for publication. If you would like us to publish news of your sports activities, please send us your news to sportsnews at gsport dot co dot za. If you need help in writing an article about your sport, please send a mail requesting help to admin at gsport dot co dot za.