…but I won’t try to advertise here, since the focus is on SA Women in Sport.

SA women are the driving force of our nation.  I don’t mean the politicians, who are … politicians.  I mean the ordinary women who do outstanding things, but don’t get celebrated as they should be, because they are … women.

Like Sheetal Cross, who has helped a tired, irredeemable cynic such as myself regain some hope in the media – a cut-throat enterprise, if ever there was one.

How did she do it?

Simply by being herself, a working mother who extends her natural compassion and uncompromising integrity to everyone she comes into contact with.

Sheetal brought me into contact with this venture by inviting me to vote for her, and now I want to celebrate her along with all the women who are being celebrated here.

Well done SPAR for setting this in motion.  I support your shop – it happens to be the closest in walking distance – and now I’ll try to support your venture!