2016 has seen huge changes in esports and in Mind Sports South Africa as a whole.

Even though, for decades, women have made a significant contribution, 2016 will long  be remembered in South Africa as the year when women stood up and took control of mind sports in South Africa.

One of the prime movers of that change is none other than Adele ‘Nitebabe’ Janse van Rensburg (of VexxedPhoenix) who has impressed all by her dedication, abilities  in the field of administration, and more importantly, in the field of play.

There is not a registered player that does not speak highly of Adele. Adele is generous in spirit in both victory and defeat. I have not yet heard a gamer that has heard a disparaging remark escape her lips.

Adele epitomises the type of gamer to which all gamers should aspire.

Thus MSSA’s Annual General Meeting awarded the Dorian Love Trophy to Adele. This makes Adele the first woman to earn the award since its inception in 1987.

Things they are a’changing!