"When I lost my mom I knew that I am all on my own now and
should start viewing life in a different perspective. My grandmother has also
been so supportive," she said.

One of the challenges that she faced when she was selected
for provincial teams was the traveling costs that every player paid.

 "My grandmother would go all out and borrow money from
members of the community so that I could go. She would some times use the
little that she gets from her pension," added Buhle.

Despite all the challenges, Buhle made the KZN
Inter-provincial team last year, the KZN U/18 for the past three years and the
KZN U/12 and U/16 teams.

Buhle is currently doing her second year of study towards a
diploma in Sport Management at Durban University of Technology.

"When I complete my diploma I want to have my own sport
academy of multi sport, where children who don’t have finances can attend and
feel at home. I know the feeling of wanting to be in a team but you can’t go
because of finances," she comments.

Other than being a talented volley ball player Buhle plays
soccer, athletics, netball and basketball. What inspires her to wake up every
morning is her motto that says "Live your life to the fullest and be proud of
who you are."


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