Clare Vale’s SupaDrift Season Ignites

by | Aug 15, 2012

Clare Vale's team had to rebuild her Gatorback RAM Mustang after damage at the previous Supadrift at Port Shepstone, and the work paid dividends as Vale was able to string together some awesome drift sequences at the Zwartkops raceway in Pretoria to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd. Photo: Taryn Miles

This past Saturday saw Clare Vale compete in SupaDrift 6 at Zwartkops raceway in Pretoria. The Gatorback RAM team had to race to finish the car for this event after it was damaged at the previous SupaDrift in Port Shepstone, so Clare had no practice on Friday but went straight into the short practice session on Saturday afternoon.

One of SA's fastest women on the road, Clare Vale. Photo: Taryn MilesThe huge amount of development work the team has done on the big Mustang is finally paying dividends, and Clare was able to get the car really working for her both in practice and qualifying. Although she didn’t make the Top 16 this time, Clare strung some awesome drift sequences together, much to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd.

Clare Vale on her Drift weekend: “The team was under huge pressure to get the car prepared for SupaDrift 06, and we only arrived at Zwartkops late on Friday evening. Despite this, the Gatorback RAM Mustang felt awesome from the start, and I really felt at home in the big V8.

“We didn’t quite reach our goal of a Top 16 qualifying position, but we have plenty of time before our next event in September to perfect our style and I’m really looking forward to SupaDrift 07.”

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