Competition Terms and Conditions

Entry into a Competition is contingent upon the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, and submitting an entry signifies agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, Competitions are exclusively available to South African residents and may exclude individuals deemed unfit for participation in the reasonable judgment of gsport. 

A person may not register or operate more than one gsport Member account.

gsport’s employees, sponsors, and suppliers, as well as their immediate family members, will not qualify for Benefits offered in the Competition.

All winner selections by gsport will be made at its sole and unrestricted discretion, will be considered conclusive and obligatory, and no further communication will be entertained.

Solely fully completed entries will be deemed for consideration. Entries must be submitted personally and are deemed invalid if submitted through automated procedures, agents, or third parties.

Should a Benefit be pledged in a Competition, it cannot be substituted, wholly or partly, with cash or alternatives. The Benefit is non-transferable and may not be sold.

By submitting a Competition entry, participants unconditionally assign to gsport all present and future rights, title, and interest in any Intellectual Property emerging from their participation in the Competition. Participants affirm that, to their knowledge, their involvement does not and will not violate third-party intellectual property rights.

By submitting a Competition entry, participants irrevocably grant gsport permission to lawfully gather, organise, retain, and employ all personally-identifiable information provided, for legitimate purposes.

gsport retains the prerogative to modify or terminate this Competition, temporarily or permanently, at its discretion, and with or without prior notification.

gsport cannot assure that the Competition will be devoid of interruptions, deficiencies, or cancellations. gsport bears no liability for such disruptions, deficiencies, or cancellations, unless attributable to its negligence.

gsport assumes no responsibility or liability for any harm, loss, liabilities, injury, or dissatisfaction arising from submitting a Competition entry, unless resulting from its negligence. gsport is not accountable for actions or omissions by third parties.

Notwithstanding any other provision in this agreement, gsport shall only be liable for any claim of damages unless the claimant can provide clear and convincing evidence that gsport acted with the specific and unfair intention of prejudicing the claimant personally, and that such actions were not merely the implementation or execution of a general provision aimed at furthering gsport’s objectives and which would apply uniformly to all persons. In the event that a claimant successfully establishes liability as required here above, the quantum of damages payable by gsport shall be limited to a fair minimum amount as determined by the competent court, having regard to the nature of the claim and the circumstances of the case.

The Competition entry, its acceptance and performance, will be governed by South African law.”

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