Mind Sports South Africa’s (MSSA) ladder brings with it great bragging rights.

To end up as the official South African National Ladder Champions is an ambition shared by most ardent competitors.

Not only does it help the prestige of the team, but it helps the team owners, the club, further market the club in order to obtain sponsors.

Everyone loves a winner.

What is so important about Revival (IntenSity E-Sports) taking the number one spot is that Revival is an all female team.

This is the first time that a female team has been in the lead in the National CounterStrike: GO Ladder.

Team members include: Blair “Blunts&Blair” Hamberger, Jessi-Rae “Jessi-Rae” Warren, Heike “psyxgypsy” Romatzki, Sasha-Leigh “Emo” Morrison, and Kira “Starlight” Leigh Allen.

As with any team, success of the team depends totally on the commitment, participation, and dedication of all the members.

The dedication has paid off, with three of the team members being in the National Squad for CounterStrike: GO. It will indeed be interesting to see if ‘Revival’ can hold on to their position in order to be crowned as the National Ladder Champions at the end of MSSA’s SA National Championships.