Golf for Starters

by | Aug 31, 2006

Golf for Starters

One of the coaches of the Acer Girls Program at Parkview is Letitia Moses, who gives us the lowdown on what golf beginners can expect when they take to the course.

Why play golf?   

There are many reasons to play golf. It’s fun; you are out in the open with nature.  It is relaxing, expectations are kept to a minimum. It provides networking opportunities, and you meet fabulous people.

What equipment would a beginner need to start playing?

I would prefer that a person who wants to take up golf start out with a few lessons, before  buying any set of clubs. 

Your WPGA or PGA coach will be able to assist with the purchasing of a set of clubs and all the other accessories that go with completing the set. 

An entry level set of clubs can cost around R1500 that would include a bag, woods, irons and a putter. 

The only thing that really needs to be observed when coming for golf lessons at a golf course is the specific clubs’ dress code. 

At most clubs, you aren’t allowed to wear jeans and tracksuits.

Now that she has the equipment, what’s her next move?

Once you have completed a course of lessons, I would recommend that the pupil go to clinics (clinics are conducted in groups at a set time), most clubs offer clinics. 

Parkview has a Ladies Clinic every Friday morning 9—10am at a cost of R60 per person, as well as a Mixed Clinic (men and women) every Sunday 8—9am at R60, and bookings are required! 011 646 5725. 

At the clinics you meet other people where you could arrange to start playing 9holes with each other when the golf course is not to busy or even just start out on a mashie course, which is a par-3 course with short holes. 

Then the next move after a few 9holes is to start playing at least 6 full rounds of 18 holes before joining a club.

What’s the earliest that a child can start playing golf?

I would say a child should start at about 6 years for formal training, and this should take place in clinic form.

Our junior clinics are on Wednesdays 3.30—4.30pm (R50) and Sundays 9.30—10.30am (R50). 

But, if your child shows interest early on, give her a club and ball to play around with  – just have fun. 

There are golf clubs for kids.  I know they have plastic ones for the littlest person.

What about women who want to play golf, but have never played sport before?

Golf is a great leveler.  If you have no background in sport, you might be surprised and find that you do have the co-ordination that is needed. 

You will never know if you don’t give it a shot. If not, no stress you may just need a few extra lessons.     

How would you recommend going about finding a club?

I would look at a few things, namely cost and cost to your pocket.

Also, how close is the club to your home. Another thing, check out how big their ladies section is and when most of the ladies play. 

You need someone to play golf with. Just pay a few clubs a visit or call around. 

Golf Clubs also have different kinds of memberships that they offer, check what will suit you best.

Finding a coach?

All golf clubs have coaches available to help. 

Finding a caddy?

A caddy will only be needed later.  The caddy master at the club will help you. 

Clubs have a minimum amount that is required to pay the caddy but if he was good and helpful always give an extra tip.

Average price of golf lesson?

Average price  – R150 for half an hour.  Most clubs offer packages and clinics which are more affordable. 

We have a 6-Lesson package for R850, and a 10-Lesson package for R1500, which includes a free playing lesson. 

We also have a group lesson option, where a minimum of 3pax at R600 for 6 lessons.

Advice for beginners:

Don’t feel intimidated by other golfers they all had to start somewhere.


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