Houston We Could Have a Problem!!!

by | Nov 17, 2007

Skipper Dominique Provoyeur was logged-in again to update gsport readers on the Sailing team Isigungu’s progress at the 2007 Rolex Woman’s International Keelboat Championships, in Houston, Texas:

We awoke to some high winds on Day two of the regatta in Texas, with some devastation around the club. Gusts up to about 45knots ended up blowing over the regatta marquee, luckily no damage to boats.

We went out in about 25 knots, and were expecting a good day for the Cape Towners! The day ended with a 12, 15 and 5th. It should have been a huge amount better, as out boat speed was good.

We miss-judged the first start and where embarrassingly late for the start. On the second race, second beat our jib tack blew out and with Lara (Dugas) on the foredeck trying to tie a piece of rope through the Cunningham hole we lost a fair amount of distance on the fleet. As this is a borrowed boat, we don’t have any of our usual spares on board.

With the jib secured with a piece of rope to the Cunningham hole, we managed to get the leech up in round about the right place. We had a reasonable start but headed out left while a big shift came in from the right.

We played catch up quiet nicely during the race, with Penny (Alison) getting us well positioned with the fleet and taking advantage where ever we could.

Last night we were guests at the NASA Space Station, with plenty of food, games and prizes. Good times where had! Today the wind is predicted to be light, so we look  forward to getting ourselves back into the top 5 overall.

Dominique Provoyeur
For Team Isigungu
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