Karabo Mokgalagadi: “Always Push your A-Game First”

On the Tuesday gsport IG Live this week, writer Lonwabo Nkohla had a sit down with 2019 Momentum gsport Awards Woman in Radio winner ,Karabo Mokgalagadi, as we are currently immersed in what is a precarious time for South African Radio talent – contract negotiations season.

Mokgalagadi is currently the host of the Sports Show at You FM in Rustenburg, she’s also the Sports Editor of the growing station in North West. Strides that swiftly followed after winning the coveted gsport Award.

“Proper recognition, getting a lot of invites, hosting and speaking during Women in Sport Indabas, hosting big sporting events, I was also the stadium announcer in Potch. Great things have been happening. Before winning the gsport award my name was there but not as big. Thing are getting better and better. It’s been great achievements after another.”

Just recently the multi-award winner was recognised for her incredible work: “About 3 weeks back I won Journalist of the Year award at the North West Sports Awards.”

Just analysing the landscape in radio and looking at the number of women that are sitting as anchors in the commercial radio stations, Nkohla and Mokgalagadi confirmed that strides have been made.

“We’ve come a long way. It’s taken a lot to get where we are. Sports shows have always been given to men. When I started it was crazy because I took over from a man. I would be questioned a lot and not given a chance.”

The end of March in South African radio is the end of the financial year that sees many of the On Air Talent and sometimes producers either renew their contracts or the worst have them terminated because management is either not happy with the performance of the radio show or radio personality. Or management is not happy with the show.

“In my radio journey that started in 2007, it’s the first time this year I had to go through this anxiety, the uncertainty of not knowing if my contract was renewed. I got a sigh of relief because my contract talks came just after winning the award at the North West Sports Awards.”

“This industry is not all rosy because we work on yearly contracts. So make every show count, research is very important, confidence is very important. Always push your A-game first. The anxiety will be there because sometimes you never know what they are thinking in management.”

Mokgalagadi is also the Sports editor and she says she had to take a leadership course to up her skills as a leader in the newsroom, “People skills are very important, emotional intelligence is also very important, sometimes people don’t want to take directing from a woman, even other women. Team work is important for me, you need to sound solid on air. You need to make sure that your shows are solid.


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