Lesego Pooe Cements Her Place as International Cricket Broadcaster

2021 Momentum gsport Awards Woman in Social winner Lesego Pooe just returned to South Africa from being the host of the second edition of the FairBreak Invitational in Hong Kong. An incredible feat for the young broadcaster that has worked hard to grow in the cricket broadcasting space.

Pooe joined Lonwabo Nkohla for this week’s IG Live to chat about the experience.

“I am so excited to be back it feels like I’ve been away from home. Home is home, I’m happy to be back.”

Reflecting on her role in #gsport15 as part of the Presenter Squad and her journey on how it all started: “growing up as the only girl in a family of 3 boys, my dad would sit for 3/4 days watching Test Cricket, we were forced to be immersed in the sport. I saw myself join cricket at school and play Bakers Mini Cricket. I just grew into it”

Lonwabo called Lesego the epitome of thee “Power of Recognition” because after being part of the Presenter Squad, she started seeing immense growth in her career: “Definitely agree with you because I think you need someone that will recognize you, someone that will give you a platform to be seen and flourish and gsport has been that for me and for many ladies in media. Once you’re recognized it gives you an opportunity for other people to recognize you, and for you to ultimately get to FairBreak.

Upon her return from the first FairBreak stint she came back and changed her handles on social media to Lesego International and that was a way of her seeing herself as who she wants to be, “I came back and I knew that things are different. Life and death is in the power of the tongue so it’s important what you profess. Looking forward to more international opportunities.”

Pooe’s relationship with Shaun Martyn founder of FairBreak will see them partner together to improve girls in cricket in uMthatha, “Shaun wants to change young girls lives through the FairBreak Foundation. I told him that there’s an opportunity to make a change in the life of these girls, so in September we’ll be going to Mthatha to host coaching clinics and give the girls some equipment so that one day we see these girls in the FairBreak Invitational. There’s some really exciting things that are on the horizon.”

The host of Lions TV says this is how she amplified on her opportunity to be an ambassador of Lions Cricket: “I fully immersed myself in it, I embraced the role, I am family, I see myself as family. It is such a progressive brand that focuses on both men and women.”

To ensure that you are hard to replace in any room that you enter, this is Lesego’s advice: “Look at the moments in which we failed and use that to come back stronger and so it’s important to have time to reflect on your own work. Get someone who’s going to be critical of your work. Someone that can tell you go to back to the drawing board and give you those hard talks. You have to put in the work because you will be found out. Ultimately what will separate you from the next person is how hard you work.”


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