Maties March over Kovsies

by | May 5, 2019

The opening round of day two of Varsity Hockey, hosted by UCT saw Maties thump six goals past Kovsies, while Kovsies struggled to keep up with their two.


Maties made no mistake with an early short corner opportunity. Lenta Cullinan slapped one past Kovsies’ keeper Wiane Grobler.

Kovsies were quick to take the lead with Antonet Louw’s head-directed blow that seem to rattle the Maties keeper!

Spectators had to wait until the second half for more points when Aimee Pote placed Maties right back in the lead! Maties continued their goal-scoring with their skipper Paige Phillips increasing their lead at the end of the third quarter.

There were unreal scenes in the final quarter. Maties were down to just eight players because Maties were green-carded and Kovsies opted for their power play, but the lack of numbers did not stop Aimee Pote from bagging her second of the day.


FNB Player of the Match: Antonet Louw
Mugg & Bean Star Saver: Simone van der Colff
MTN Connect Award:  Aimee Pote


Maties: 6
Lenta Cullinan, Aimee Pote (2), Paige Phillips

Kovsies: 2
Antonet Louw


: Kristen Block 3, Simone van der Colff 13, Paige Phillips (C) 8 , Sandisiwe Tabata 1 , Stephanie Botha 4, Lenta Cullinan 10, Fran Darkoh 20, Tammy Minnaar 6, Zola Nompuku 12 , Monique Bartsch 11, Lida Kotze 7, Jamie Southgate 2, Amaarah Hendricks 18, Lee-Ann Louwrens 5, Angela Welman 23 , Lara Stevens 24, Caitlin Odendaal 22 , Aimee Pote 9

Kovsies: Wiane Grobler 1, Chane. Hartel 2, Mikayla Clasasen 4, Anke Badenhorst 5, Casey Jean Botha 6, Shindré-Lee Simmons 7, Esté Van Schalkwyk 8, Nadia Van Staden 9, Antonet Louw 10, Michelle Ngoetjane 11, Olin Heraldine 12, Lizanne Jacobs 13, Rafilwe Ralikontsane 15, Mielanka Van Schalkwyk 16, Nela Mbedu 17, Simoné Gouws 18, Fracces Louw 20, Kia-Leigh Erasmus 23

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