I started out like every other rider, excited and overwhelmed, not really knowing what to expect. I was taught a great deal of lessons like having enough momentum on obstacles, and remembering to turn on my petrol when I got my first bike, a Yamaha YZ80. I rode on a social basis, and enjoyed the family out-rides on the weekends.

A few months after that, I moved to a Honda CR125 and loved the bike as well as its monstrous power!! Unfortunately, I found the bike to big and got the bike I really wanted, a KX 85. This was the start to an amazing race career.

 My dad taught me race techniques like being aggressive, relaxing and breathing on start lines, to remain constant, and to be on top of the game. Since then hard work and commitment from me as well as my dad, who currently sponsors me, and from my family, has made me realise that achievement comes to those who work hard.

This year I am racing the Full Throttle amateur racing series, Enduro World Cross Country(EWXC) and South Coast Motorsport Club(SCMSC) races. So far I have won the first two races in the Full Throttle series (the series consists of 21 events) and I hope to win the overall championship. I have also won the first South Coast race, which has a total of 6 races for the year.

I feel the only disadvantage of this action-packed sport is that there are too few women competing in the events, and my aim is to encourage more to start racing Enduro! The ones who do race can become very intimidated, and I try to help them with points on obstacles and ways to overcome fear, and most of all to enjoy it and beat the boys!!

In the future, I plan to inspire more lady riders to join, to be one of very few ladies to complete the Roof of Africa, compete in several WFO’s and to be the number one national enduro female competitor.

My dreams are to get some form of sponsorship from a respected and well established corporate company. I would be even happier if a sponsor came from the ranks of a female market-orientated supplier. This would enforce the female-based company’s commitment to women, and promote women competing in a man’s world.

I would also loved to be noticed and helped by one of the large motor cycle manufactures in South Africa, who would like to see their brand being ridden and raced by a lady. Come on corporate South Africa, help a lady trying to compete in a man’s world!

 In time I will get there and I believe that my dreams will only be limited by myself. I hope to see more ladies out there soon!


Maxine Nortje is seeking a financial partner to come on board as a sponsor. Interested parties are welcome to discuss matters with Maxine’s father, Mr Louis Nortje, at louis.nortje@omd.co.za.


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