Natalie Looks Back on her 2010 gsport Award

by | Jul 22, 2011

Wheels24 Formula 1 columnist Natalie le Clue looks back on the year since she won the 2010 gsport Woman in Media Award. Photo: Supplied2010 gsport Woman in Media winner Natalie le Clue is riding the crest of a wave, since winning the coveted award last year.

Speaking to gsport, le Clue said: “It was, and still is, a tremendous honour. It meant a great deal to me to be recognized for my work by gsport and everyone involved with the initiative. It confirmed, for me, that this is what I’m supposed to be doing – following my passion and never giving up. Sometimes I still find it quite surreal that I won! The entire experience is something I will never forget. From receiving the nomination to the truly inspiring people I met.”

“I received a wonderful reception from the local media which included print and radio interviews. Congratulations from friends, colleagues and university lecturers were aplenty; and served as a good reminder that it actually did happen. I took the opportunity to send a few ‘thank you notes’ to a handful of people without who I would not have gotten as far.”

Since winning the title, Le Clue has completed her journalism studies and taken on some exciting projects. “I joined Wheels24 as one of their two F1 columnists. In addition to that we have successfully launched an hour long sports feature program in which we have already interviewed some great athletes and administrators in the world of sport.”

Le Clue is a big fan of gsport… for Girls!, saying: “This initiative shows young women that there is a place for them in sport. It showcases what can be achieved through hard work. I believe gsport also serves as a great teaching tool to those who otherwise would not know that it is possible to achieve things that may seem impossible.”

She is adamant that women’s sport needs to be recognised and respected on the same level as that of men’s sport. “How many people knew that Australia’s Belinda Clarke was the first cricketer to ever score 200 in an ODI?

“The sporting world lauded Sachin Tendulkar for achieving the same feat several months afterwards. The assumption that there is a difference in the level of achievement between male and female athletes should be addressed and eradicated,” says le Clue.

So, what is Le Clue’s message to gsport as it approaches its fifth birthday? “Firstly, congratulations! Please don’t ever cease this incredible initiative. Somewhere out there, there is a girl dreaming of being the next great sports presenter, or coach and through gsport she will see that it is possible and be inspired to reach for her dreams.”


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