Nono Cele Xaba Defies the Odds in Broadcasting

2022 Momentum gsport Awards SuperSport Woman in TV winner Nono Cele Xaba pictured on stage at #gsport17 on Wednesday, 14 September at Wanderers Club in Johannesburg. Photo: gsport

2022 Momentum gsport Awards SuperSport Woman in TV winner, Nono Cele  , continues to reap the rewards of her hard work behind the scenes, since her win on the #gsport17 stage almost 8 months ago.

Xaba, who is a producer at SuperSport TV, has been delivering excellent projects for the sport content platform, including FIFA World Cup tournaments, AFCON, Olympics and Netball.

Over the years, she has also assisted in starting projects from the ground up such as the Multichoice Diski Challenge, which is now known as the DSTV Diski Challenge, and working on the DSTV Premiership.

Fast forward to Wednesday, 14 September, Xaba beat off stiff competition from seasoned broadcasters Cato Louw and Tumi Kgasoe to walk away with the prestigious award.

Speaking on the night during her acceptance speech, an emotional Xaba dazzling in a neon green ensemble, shared a message of determination and how she defied the odds behind the scenes in over a decade in the industry.

“15 years of doing this and this moment finally comes! What an honour! Thank you to my parents who took me to tv school even though they didn’t believe in the work that I’m doing, they were like “Who has ever succeeded in that field?” Thank you for believing in me.

“I’m filled with so much gratitude, this is a win for every woman behind the scenes. There’s a lot of us and we work hard!”

Xaba’s passion and dedication to her craft continues to be an inspiration for many young women who aim to make a mark in production.

Speaking with Karabo Peter, Xaba sheds light on life since winning on the gsport stage and taking on her next project with the 2023 Netball World Cup, which will take place in Cape Town from 28 July.


Nono, thank you for chatting to us! Last year you were named the SuperSport Woman in Television winner at the Momentum gsport Awards after your incredible work in television. What did the win mean to you?

It is always nice to win and be recognised, I appreciated that but that’s a onetime event. Beyond the win, how we live, lead and work matters more. How we impact the world we live in speaks volumes.


Since your win back in September 2022, what other projects in television have you worked on?

I work on different projects everyday – magazine shows, leadership workshops, live football and netball, etc.


As someone who is not only in front of the camera, but also behind the scenes in production, how important is the work that we as viewers don’t often get to see?

Without the behind the scenes team, nothing happens. That’s important!


You are part of the SuperSport production team for the upcoming Netball World Cup. What is your role and what are you looking forward to achieving?



What responsibilities come with this role?

Covering the matches, leading the team behind the scenes and storytelling.


You have great experience of producing and creating content on projects like AFCON, FIFA World Cup, etc. How is this experience going to help in preparation for the upcoming World Cup?

No two productions are ever the same. But experience always matters, when you know better you do better.


Here4Her is SuperSport’s official campaign this year in support of women’s sport. What does being Here4Her mean to you and what does it look like?

I can’t speak for the campaign itself because that’s an initiative from another department but I interpret it as a stand to cheer women on, acknowledging their strengths and prowess, helping them succeed in their careers and giving them room to thrive as a wives, moms, sisters, friends, etc.


It’s the first time that the Vitality Netball World Cup will be held on South Africa soil. Does this make the production teams’ work slightly easier?

Any World Cup is a mammoth task. It requires an incredible amount of effort, skill and knowledge as any World Cup anywhere in the world.


What do you hope to have achieved at the end of this Netball World Cup?

It is my hope, belief and desire that everyone involved will do it well.


What is your advice for success to young women in media?

Not advice, but a question; why does it matter to be part of that field and what would being good at it mean to you and others?


Are there women in sport who you draw inspiration from?

No one specific.

I draw inspiration from every person I come across who is pursuing their purpose. I’m inspired by the commitment to authenticity, the drive to make the world a better place and the passion to not give up on ourselves, on each other and the world we live in.

I don’t think there’s any ONE person who embodies that. For me, it’s a collection of values and strengths that I draw from different people. All inspired by my parents who are my ultimate example of what it is to be a whole hearted individual.


What is your greatest ambition in media?

To keep doing my best at every opportunity given.


Photo 1 Caption: 2022 Momentum gsport Awards SuperSport Woman in TV winner Nono Cele Xaba pictured on stage at #gsport17 on Wednesday, 14 September at Wanderers Club in Johannesburg. Photo: gsport

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