Personal Account: Time to Take a Break!

It said that everything in life is seasonal. Just as highs and lows come and go, there is a place and a time for everything.

As the weather changes, and the temperature drops, and the sting of defeat still burns fresh in the hearts of all cricket-loving South Africans, I find myself at the threshold of a new season: Retreat.

May month means it's Time to Retreat: What is your preference?


It’s just that time of year again, and I am moving away, recoiling, withdrawing, finding refuge and sanctuary. I’m taking a break.

For many it’s been a long summer of endless hours in the sun: on the road, in the field, on the courts, by the beach.

And for those of us who play summer sports, this season has brought us to the brink of physical exhaustion. Our muscles ache and our feet hurt. Our bodies are crying out for some rest.

Some Move Away

In my network of sport playing friends, this month marks the start of different retreats for us. Some are moving away.

They travel overseas, as they do each year around this time, chasing after the sunshine, playing and coaching the sport they love, until September, when the winter chases them back to our sunny shores.

Others Analyse and Plan

Others are recoiling and withdrawing. This is a period of retrospection. They examine the season past, and reflect on what they’ve achieved, and what they’d like to next season.

They may be out of sight, but they’re always busy. They dissect and analyse, and then they plan.

Good ‘ol R&R

Some see retreat as a reward for a season of hard work. They relish the chance to rest and relax.

It’s a chance to break away and allow the body to recover in time for the next season.
For those who play winter sports, it’s merely a transition from one season to the next.

May month means it's Time to Retreat: What is your preference?As for Me…

My retreat is a bit of everything. Like a woodland animal, stocking up and preparing to hibernate for the winter, I too am stocking up on supplies.

I’m winding down, and settling in for months of wind, rain, a few extra kilograms and little sport.

Instead of that morning run, I’ll be sleeping in a little later. Endless cups of tea will replace my usual energy drinks, and warm long nights curled up in front of the tv, catching up on the latest movies.

I’ll have my Saturday mornings free. There’ll be no more sunrise warm ups. No more ice baths.

Long, gruelling fitness sessions will be replaced by light cardio workouts in the gym.

Sing more, Sleep more

I’ll read more. Sing more. Sleep more. And get a chance to meet with those people I know who don’t play sport.

It’s been a good summer. Bar the disappointment of the Cricket World Cup, we’ve had a successful season of summer sport in South Africa.

It’s also been a flourishing period of advancement and excellence for women in various areas of sport.

There comes a time when we’re in need of a good retreat. For some, perhaps that time is now. Until next season, of course!



Robyn Hendricks is a gsport member, and is a young woman with a passion for sports, and the people involved in it. She has a degree in Sport Science, with a particular interest in exercise physiology and fitness. Robyn hopes to see women get more involved in every area of the industry, and looks forward to making her contribution.


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