Phenomenal Media Coverage of #gsport18 Nominations Launch

The opening of nominations for the 2023 Momentum gsport Awards has sparked a media frenzy, captivating audiences across print, online, radio, and television platforms during the first week. Africa’s leading women’s sport recognition platform has witnessed an unprecedented surge in coverage, setting the stage for an extraordinary celebration of women’s sport excellence.

The campaign commenced on Thursday, 1 June, with a remarkable milestone: the gsport Newsroom hosted its largest-ever online press conference. More than 30 media professionals gathered on a Zoom call to engage in a conversation with three former award winners. Laura Wolvaardt, the 2020 Ministerial recipient, Zanele Mdodana, the 2014 Style Star, and Caitlin Rooskrantz, the 2020 Emerging Athlete, shared their experiences and insights on the Momentum gsport Awards stage. The discussions ranged from the transformative power of recognition to the persistent gender pay gap in sports.

This influential press conference spurred a wave of articles in print and digital media, where women’s sport found a prominent place. Journalists embraced the discussions held during the press conference and incorporated them into their respective publications. The nominations announcement also received attention from SuperSport Blitz and, further amplifying the awards’ reach.

Later that evening, gsport Founder Kass Naidoo engaged in discussions about the nominations process with Mahlodi Ranku on Alex FM, while Karabo Mokgalagadi explored the profound impact of recognition with Naidoo, culminating in a captivating conclusion to the first day.

Friday greeted a vibrant start with an appearance on the Ryan O’Connor breakfast show on Smile FM. The energetic hosts wholeheartedly dedicated airtime to women’s sport and the Momentum gsport Awards campaign, generating invaluable exposure.

From the lively Smile FM studios, the journey continued to the Expresso Show on SABC 3. In a live chat with Graeme Richards, the rise of women’s sport in 2023 and the impending greatness of The Year of Women’s Sport took center stage, captivating viewers across the nation.

Sunday brought the talk of the town to the Sunday Tribune, as women’s sport secured a leading spot in the paper. The Year of Women’s Sport and the #PowerOfRecognition shone brightly.

ENCA, on Monday night, shed light on the opening of nominations, placing it within the larger conversation surrounding the advancement and full professionalization of women’s sport. This acknowledgment marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of equality.

On Tuesday evening, Naidoo graced the airwaves of Metro FM’s Sports Night Amplified, engaging in a lively conversation with Andile Dlamini. Together, they explored the 18th edition of the Momentum gsport Awards, its remarkable journey, and the invaluable opportunity for communities to participate in the #gsport18 campaign.

The opening week of the 2023 Momentum gsport Awards has surpassed all expectations, captivating media outlets and igniting enthusiasm among sports enthusiasts. The recent announcement that every former winner and finalist is now an ambassador for the awards has added an extra layer of excitement. These esteemed individuals will once again showcase their success while offering support to the next generation

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