Slingerland Clear Winner in Upington

by | Sep 25, 2012

Linda van den Biggelaar (centre) finished second behind Cashandra Slingerland (right), for Mecer road racing team’s 1-2 finish in the 2012 105km Ladies Kumba Iron Ore Classic in Upington. Photo: Alex Cooper

Cashandra Slingerland (Mecer) showed great form this weekend when she won the 105km ladies Kumba Iron Ore Classic in Upington.The Elite ladies started the race with the Pro Elite Mens Teams.

Cashandra Slingerland contended with tough winds and an undulating route to stay with the Elite Men’s bunch, to win the 2012 105km Ladies Kumba Iron Ore Classic in Upington over the weekend. Photo: Alex CooperFrom the start it was clear that it would be a very tough test for the ladies, as the pro teams immediately started attacking each other in an effort to get their riders away on the very undulating route.

The top ladies, Slingerland and Van den Biggelaar (Mecer), managed to stay with the men when the Tasol GT and Westvaal BCM riders made their move with 65km to go, leaving the other ladies behind, and eventually Van den Biggelaar also lost contact with Slingerland, as a very strong wind caused guttering.

With 55km to go, the time gap on the leading men was 55sec, and a huge effort by the chasing bunch to close the gap on the breakaway group caused Slingerland to lose contact with the bunch.

Slingerland did however manage to catch up with the elite men when they lost contact with the chasing group, and stayed with the group to win the ladies race in 2:48:24.

Slingerland was followed home by Linda van den Biggelaar with Lantie Gricius finishing in the 3rd place.


Leading Finishers at the 105km ladies Kumba Iron Ore Classic in Upington:
1. Cashandra Slingerland (Mecer) 2:48:24
2. Linda van den Biggelaar (Mecer) 2:57:39
3. Lantie Gricius 2:59:03
4. Elmien Voster 3:06:14
5. Riana Karsten 3:17:34


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