Sport vs Female Youth South Africa

Sport vs Female Youth South Africa

As a Life Coach working with youth with Physical Disabilities, I was reading up about advantages of sport for young ladies.

The following article caught my eye ….. Extensive research shows that physical activity and sport can enhance the mental, psychological and spiritual health of (American) South African girls and young women:

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Thank you GSPORT and Spar for promoting sport for Women….


(* Editor’s note: gsport has checked this URL with Google Transparency Report, which lists it as ‘Not Dangerous – has not recently seen malicious content’)

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I'm a proud mom of a Paralympic Javelin Thrower. On a voluntary basis, I am an executive member of the WPSAPD council, I have held the position of Vice Chairperson, and now I manage the media and marketing. My career field has been in Hospitality. I have trained as a life coach focusing on youth with physical disabilities and people diagnosed with a progressive disease. Besides that, I have started a Networking Group - Helderberg Accommodation Networking Association. I have been diagnosed with a progressive disease Essential shaking away, I strive to keep active, busy, focused, happy.

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