The merchandise donated by Roger Federer, to assist the kids to tour with the SA Primary Schools Under 13 Tennis Team.

Tennis legend Roger Federer indeed has a connection to South Africa. The highly recognized athlete has given support to the South Africa Primary Schools Tennis Team, scheduled to tour the United States from November 28 to December 8.

“It’s great to have him involved from a distance, our children need the support and encouragement. The items he has autographed will go to sponsors assisting those juniors that have not obtained the funds necessary to join the team to America,” stated SA Primary Schools Chairperson, Mr. Noel Adams.

“We have passed the deadline for all funds to be submitted for each child, however some of our less fortunate, talented players will not be able to join us if we do not raise the funds this week.”

Pietermaritzburg’s Jahnara Pillay is one kid hoping to realise her dream to tour the USA.The SA Primary Schools Under 13 Tennis Team that will train & compete at the Junior Tennis Champions (Maryland) & Arthur Ashe Tennis & Education (Pennsylvania) Centres and visit the South African Embassy. The ten-day tour will also consist of visits to educational institutions, historical landmarks, & entertainment attractions.

Pietermaritzburg’s Jahnara Pillay hopes to benefit from the funds raised from Federer’s contribution. “She is an extremely motivated tennis player, very confident, and knows that she can achieve her goals,” Jahnara’s coach, Karl van Fintel, emphasised. Her passion for the game has encouraged her parents to commit to finding the funds, which has proven to be difficult thus far, only raising R12,000.00 of the R26,000.00 required.

A teacher by profession and avid lover of tennis himself, Adams shared that “the goal is to establish partnerships that will encourage our student/athletes to achieve by participating in programming such as this tour & eventually represent the country at the highest levels academically, athletically, as well as citizens of the world. Unfortunately some of these kids can not afford to go with the team and partake in this life transforming experience.”

“This tour is an opportunity for SA Primary Schools Tennis to build a foundation that supports every student wanting to play tennis, wanting to improve their lives through sport. We will acquire the resources necessary to impact young lives through this great, lifelong sport. These children will go,” Adams explains.

To support Jahnara and the team, please contact Mr Noel Adams at 073 728 0810, or Visit the team’s Facebook page for more information.

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