Penny Heyns: Committing to Your Craft

2020 Momentum gsport Awards ambassador, Penny Heyns, attributes her success to the commitment and dedication that she invested in every aspect of her career. In her second column of the #gsport15 campaign, Heyns speaks about the importance of going the extra mile to fulfil your purpose.

Kayla Swarts Running Her Own Race

Former promising South African sprinter, Odessa Swarts’ daughter, Kayla, certainly caught the athleticism bug, as she is steadily making her name in hockey and on the track. Photo: Supplied

Up and coming hockey and track star, Kayla Swarts, comes from one of South Africa’s leading sporting families. Her mother, Odessa Swarts, was a supreme sprinting talent in her time and her brother is 400m world record holder Wayde van Niekerk. She tells Celine Abrahams about her dream to represent SA at the Olympics.