Dominique Provoyeur (Team Manager/Skipper) of the all-girls’ Sailing Team Isigungu has sent their latest newsletter to gsport:
The game plan for the day was just to go out and do what we have been doing, change nothing. Well, call it nerves or whatever but we got nailed on the line completely, both times – exactly the same way. Very, very stupid.

The first race was just a game of patience, stay in phase and wait for your time. Our time came at the bottom mark after the first round (3 rounds in total), we saw some pressure on the right and wanted it.

The boats around us all tacked off, leaving us in a clear lane out in front and to lee of the fleet.
We had more pressure, and a slight header, put us back in the game, we just tried to stay in phase with the fleet for the rest of the race and finished a close 10th.
The second race was more tricky with very choppy water and up down pressure all the time.
We struggled to get clear from the line, and once on Port tack we got a bit of space only to be pinned on Port by the Chinese team with the French boat coming up on starboard and a possible intersection with us.
After hailing the correct words ‘Room to tack’ the Chinese failed to tack and the French had to duck us. This is a very common rule (19.1) and we knew we were right so we kept on racing.
We fought hard the rest of the race only to have another incident on the finish line with the Finnish and Greek teams.
We had to give room on the finish to the Fins but we had Greece to weather of us who we felt did not give us enough room to keep clear of the Fins, with whom we had an incident with.
Unfortunately we lost the protest and we got disqualified from the race. We have one race left and are lying in 10th nation at the moment.
We have 11 points on the French and 13 points on the Greeks. The top 10 boats will not be sailing in this last race, so there will only be 24 boats on our start line.
I will leave you to the maths, and we’ll go out for the bullet!
Be cool people!
Lots of Love
Dom, Pen and Kim

Dominique Provoyeur – Team Manager/Skipper
Sailing Team Isigungu
Yngling Olympic Campaign – Beijing 2008
The Challenge Ahead of Us is nothing compared to the Power within Us