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Following Team Isigungu’s dramatic entrance to qualification at next year’s Olympic sailing events in the Yngling-class category, team Skipper Dominique Provoyeur has sent in their latest newsletter

Sorry for the silence, but the sailing has taken its toll on our little bodies these last few days. Day 2 was blown out for the day, so we all had an early night after spending the day playing rumikub and card games….?
As we were now 3 races shy on the programme, the race committee scheduled 4 races for day 3. The first start we had the pin – flat out – it was ours.
Then there was a 15 Degree right shift, bugger. We tried desperately to play catch up, but once you are way down in the pack its really hard to break away, or even find a lane. We struggled our way to 30th. Not great.
For the next three races we were a little more cautious on the line, and started more towards the middle in some space and with good speed we managed to hold our lane and stay on the right shifts.
In one of the races at the first top mark we were looking good on the port layline, in the top 5 or so. The closer we got to the layline the more we realised that there was no gab.
The top 2 got around just ahead of us and then the next 64 we right there… bow to stern for which felt like for ever. Eventually after about 12 boats we could find a gab to tack into and beat all the way back to the mark. AARRGH!!!!
At one of the bottom marks in the 3rd race, we were in the top 6 with a nice gap on the back behind. The boat in front of us took a really wide rounding and in doing so sailed behind our jib and spinnaker and out of sight.
There was a boat to weather of us asking for water on the mark so Dom turn to look and when she looked back to start our rounding This boat was in front of us.
Lucky for us and other the other boat, Ynglings are built brick – houses and their max speed is about 3 knots. We damaged our bow though so our friend Hein will have some repair work to do while we are on holiday next month.
After 4 races in 20 – 25knots we were all pretty exhausted and ready for a good meal, supplied by the regatta (Championship Dinner). We ended the day with a 30, 14, 3 and 9.
Today, day 4 was just as tricky with the breeze shifting constantly as the squalls were passing over. We got a bit squeezed at the start of the first race and were forced to tack out earlier that we wanted.
But instead of tacking back as soon as we could, we continued on port and watched the left shift come in and 80% of the fleet lifted up inside of us… another discard race.
Race 9 of the series was a bit better and we sailed more consistently to finish 12th. We are 13th overall now, but with another race we will have another discard. 5 more races to go, so its still all up for grabs.

Enjoy your Friday and weekend.
Best regards
Dom, Penny and Kim 
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