2007 September Woman in Media: Carol Manana


Manana was barely out of high school when she got her first break in sports
broadcasting. A few years down the line, she has built a solid reputation as a
top sports broadcaster in South
Africa, and is admired by hordes of young
girls, who aspire to be just like her.

started off as a scriptwriter, voice-over artist and presenter for the youth
sports program Sportsbuzz in 2001.

Within a
year she was a field reporter for the soccer show- Soccer Special and soon earned the opportunity to be the first
female sports anchor of the popular Mabaleng
previously hosted by Robert Marawa and Martin Locke.

With her
gorgeous smile, fabulous sense of humour and overwhelming passion for sport, this
award-winning presenter, has thoroughly enjoyed bringing us top international
sports events from around the world, like the 2006 Olympic and Paralympic
in Athens and the FIFA World
in Germany.

passion for sport has shone through her work and over the years, she has won
many awards.

In 2001,
she was named Best Television Newcomer
at the SAB Sports Journalist of the Year
Awards. A year later, she won Best Television Sports Personality at
the Duku Duku Awards. She has also been
nominated for Elle/Sunday Times Style
and Cosmopolitan Most Extraordinary Woman.

Aside from
her TV commitments, Carol also hosts Beyond
the Game,
Radio 2000’s week daily drive time sports show, between 3pm-6pm,
and is a script writer, MC, and voice over artist.

Carol is
also a happy mother of two, and owns a media management company called Finesse Bookings.

gsport’s September Woman in Media, the multi-talented and award-winning Carol Manana!

How did you get started in the
sports broadcasting industry?

I started
working in sport broadcasting straight out of High school in 2001. Graeme
Richards who was a voice over artist for Sportsbuzz was a judge at a pageant at
my high school (Krugersdorp High) and that’s where we met and I told him about
my passion for the game and my desire to make it as a female sport broadcaster.
Graeme showed me around SABC and on that first day I was asked by the producer
of Sportsbuzz (Melinda Lombard) to try doing a voiceover- she loved my
mini audition and used the take in the show that weekend. I was asked to come
back again and again and again and the rest is history!

 What did you do before you got your
break on TV?

Before my
break in television I was in High school, very much involved in organising key
sport events, and relishing the leadership roles I had there- always dreaming
about my destiny to play a key role in sport journalism.

20070901MediaCarolManana2.jpgWhat are your current projects,
aside from TV?

Aside from
television, I am on radio Monday to Friday 3-6pm on Radio 2000- Beyond the Game– the first three-hour drive
time sport and music show. I own a marketing and media management company
(Finesse Bookings) and am coach, disciplinarian and super cool mom to my two
sons Joel and Solomon.

 What do you love most about sports

I love
getting the opportunity of meeting so many people from a variety of sporting
codes- sport loving people are so united in their passion that regardless of
who you meet, if the love is there- you just connect. Off course the travelling
is a MAJOR Bonus as well!!

How do you deal with challenges as a
woman in the industry?

With so
many challenges facing the fairer sex in the industry- i ensure that i am
always ahead of my male counterparts- more informed, more outspoken, focused
and off course doing all this whilst looking fabulously female…

 What has been your biggest career
highlight to date?

difficult to separate the once in a lifetime experiences i had whilst working
at the Olympic and Paralympic games in Athens
and the World Cup 2006 in Germany.
Many a time I was driven to tears when I witnessed first hand the agony and
ecstasy of athletes such as Maurice Greene, Asafa Powell (one of my favourites)
Michael Essien and the entire Brazil national team (I got the amazing opportunity
of spending 3 days with the team!!!)

 How do you feel being someone who
helped paved the way for other women to break into sports broadcasting?

Being seen
as a role model for all those ladies interested in doing what I do is such an
honour because I know what it means. I am living proof that a woman can excel
in this field and capture the hearts of all sport loving people!

gsport’s theme for September is
PASSION. What are you most passionate about?

I am most
passionate about making the moment count- when you line up for a race you only
have one chance to make an impression- make all the training and hard work
worth it. This is the attitude I use when doing what I love so much- I make
each moment count!!

20070901MediaCarolManana3.jpgWhat is your favourite sport?

I have been
asked this question so many times and it’s really difficult to choose a
favourite. I am equally fanatical about my Soccer, Formua One and disability

How do you keep fit?

Walking is
a great way to keep fit and coupled with a good diet- works like a charm for

Who are some of your favourite
sports stars?

bashing an eyelid- Asafa Powell (In human superspeed yet totally grounded- such
a great guy), Thierry Henry (the personification of the perfect soccer player
for me) Tiger Woods (consistently fantastic!)

What is your favourite stadium?

I will
never forget the atmosphere and experience of the beautiful, ultramodern and
first of its kind- Munich
stadium. It was as if we were all cocooned in a floating cloud surrounded
by brilliant lighting- an out of this world way to enjoy the beautiful game!!

How can we improve the state of
women’s sport in South

We need
greater support and passion amongst the fans. This is crucial in driving the
popularity of any code after which the sponsorships etc will follow. 

What message do you have for young
women who want to become sports broadcasters?

The name of
the game is to always have your eye on the ball, there are so many new
developments in sport and in order to stay ahead of the game you have to be
aware of all the changing trends. Remember that anything you desire
is possible and all you need do is believe in your abilities, your drive
and your passion- these are the tools that will carry you to your final destination!!

gsport strives to celebrate
femininity. How would you define femininity?

dynamic, strong beyond measure and driven all in a package that is beautiful,
soft and hypnotic.

Who are your role models?

that continue to fascinate me and drive me to attain even more are John
Travolta and Thierry Henry.

What inspires you?

people make it against the most insurmountable odds. It reminds me that
there is nothing I cannot achieve!!

What would you like to be doing in

I would
love to have established myself as an authority and soccer broadcasting and
being an ambassador of the event.

 Your greatest ambition?

I have
achieved so much already but look forward to setting new trends, records
in sport broadcasting and continuing to put women on the pedestal as far as on
the international arena as well.

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