It was a moment during the 2010 Soccer World Cup that Jana Swart realised she wanted to have a career in sport and this happened as a young girl. She has since made her way up the ranks and now occupies the post of Premier Soccer League (PSL) Media Officer for Stellenbosch FC. Swart revealed that she didn’t also envision herself in the media sphere but is glad where her path has taken her. All Photos: Supplied

Jana Swart: ’Don’t Be Afraid to Express Yourself’

Inspired by Banyana Banyana’s Linda Motlhalo and SuperSport presenter Motshidisi Mohono, Stellenbosch FC Media Officer, Jana Swart, is thriving in a male-dominated arena, and encourages women in media to express

Zenande Funani harboured dreams of one day playing for the Spar Proteas but when that didn’t look like a possibility she decided she was going to do the next best thing … Join the world of sports media! All Photos: Supplied

Zenande Funani: A Rising Star in Sports Broadcasting

Rising SuperSport sports broadcaster and content creator Zenande Funani is making a name for herself in South African sports broadcasting. Her greatest ambition is to inspire the next generation of

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