The 2019 edition of the National Volleyball Women’s League kicks off on Saturday morning. The women’s VNL will take place at Kempton Park Indoor Sports Hall, from 15 June to 6 July 2019.

Speaking to gsport4girls, South African Volleyball President, Anthony Mokoena expressed the importance of having the Women’s National Volleyball League on board.

“Last year, former sport minister, Ms. Tokozile Xasa, was constantly breathing down our necks about having a section for women in the National Volleyball League in both sections (Indoor and Beach)”, he said.

“It’s a promise we made to her and we are glad to have delivered the such a fulfilling promise” – Anthony Mokoena, South African Volleyball President

“We are launching the ladies’ Indoor section on June 16 this coming Sunday. We chose this day so that the ladies can enjoy themselves as young South Africans on this memorable day in our country.”

“Those who have been following Volleyball closely will know that we’ve had tournaments around the country for the ladies”.

“One of the best tournaments of the women’s Volleyball I’ve enjoyed to date was when we had the Splash festival in Port Elizabeth recently which had plenty of surprises,” he continued.

“An unknown team in the Splash festival came out of nowhere, put on the best performance, stunned favourites and came out on top. 

“That is what South African women’s Volleyball is about, to promote and give unknowns an opportunity to make a name for themselves.” – Anthony Mokoena

This year’s NVL will also include Beach volleyball for women, which is made up of six provinces that have actively participated over the years. While the women’s NVL Indoor only consists of four teams.

According to official Volleyball South Africa, provinces that performed consistently well to attain a top four position in the last five years in VSA’s Inter Provincial Tournaments (IPT), in the women’s category (Beach) have been given the nod to participate in the 2019 NVL.

“We are expecting high best performances from the four teams which are made up of four provinces, Western Cape, Gauteng, Free State and Limpopo.”

“The ladies must must be prepared, because no team will be underdogs, show their best performance, enjoy themselves and may the best team win,” concluded Mokoena.


Fixtures: NVL Beach Women:
15 June: Warriors vs Giants| 10:30 am
15 June: Thunderbolts vs Rhinos| 10:45 am
15 June: Warriors vs Cranes | 11:30 am
15 June: Eagles vs Giants | 12:15 pm
15 June: Thunderbolts vs Eagles | 3:45 PM
16 June: Warriors vs Thunderbolts | 9:45 am
16 June: Giants vs Thunderbolts | 11:30 am
16 June: Rhinos vs Cranes | 12:45 pm
22 June: Rhinos vs Warriors | 1:00 pm
22 June: Eagles vs Cranes |  2:00 pm
23 June: Cranes vs Thunderbolts | 9:00 am
23 June: Giants vs Rhinos | 10:00 am
23 June: Cranes vs Giants | 1:00 pm
23 June: Eagles vs Warriors | 2:00 pm
23 June: Rhinos vs Eagles | 3:00 pm

Fixtures: NVL Indoor Women:
16 June: Cranes vs Giants | 2:30 pm
16 June: Thunderbolts vs Rhinos | 4:30 pm
22 June: Cranes vs Thunderbolts | 1:00 pm
22 June: Rhinos vs Giants | 3:00 pm
6 July: Thunderbolts vs Giants | 10am
6 July: Rhinos vs Cranes | 12:00 pm


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Photo 1 caption: The 2019 National Volleyball Women’s League will feature the nation’s best six teams contesting the NVL Beach Volleyball league, and the best four gunning it out for the Indoor Volleyball league, from 15 June to 6 July at the Kempton Park Indoor Sports Hall. Photo: Supplied