Abi Tierney: First Female Chief Executive of Welsh Rugby Union

Abi Tierney is paving the way, as she is the first female to be appointed chief executive of the Welsh Rugby Union.

Tierney will join the WRU before the end of 2023 after serving notice at the Home Office, where she was the director general for customer services and ethics advisor and chair of their people committee

Speaking after the official announcement, Tierney said: “The opportunity to lead the Welsh Rugby Union is an immense privilege, and I relish the chance to make a lasting positive difference at such a critical time.

“My passion and commitment for this role are unquestionable, and I feel a huge sense of pride having grown up in a family where my dad is from Barry and rugby has been a constant and positive force in our lives.

“Rugby can enable life chances and develop people on and off the pitch. In this role, I intend to take that heritage to deliver the significant cultural advancement Welsh rugby deserves. I have a track record in positively shaping an organisation’s culture,” she continued.

“I am an inclusive leader and will do my utmost to promote belonging, trust, understanding, and mutual support at all levels in Welsh rugby.

“Alongside Richard as chair, Nigel in his new and vitally important role as director of rugby, my colleagues on the board, and the rest of the executive staff, we will realise the full potential of Welsh rugby in the years ahead, and I look forward to the challenge,” she concluded.

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