Boxing South Africa Launches Rise of Women in Boxing Series

In celebration of Women’s Month, Boxing South Africa has unveiled the “Rise of Women in Boxing Series,” an initiative designed to empower women within and beyond the boxing arena. 

Across all nine provinces of the country, the program encompasses various development workshops and boxing tournaments, exclusively catering to women in boxing. This initiative, known as the “Rise of Women Series in Boxing,” is dedicated to fostering growth and empowerment within the sport for female athletes.

“We are happy once again to launch the rise of women in boxing series programme. This will assist to unveil  new talent, give exposure to our women and also use this series to get support, sponsorship in relation to women boxing development. It won’t only include tournaments but in other circumstances there will be workshops inhalation to branding and financial management, wealth creation just to empower women ”said Boxing South Africa acting CEO Erick Sithole.

The “Rise of Women in Boxing” series strives to elevate female boxing to a par with its male counterpart in South Africa. Its goals include enhancing female participation in all license categories and ensuring the retention and advancement of women’s involvement in the sport.

The Rise of Women in Boxing Series Provincial Schedule:

1. KwaZulu Natal : 19 August 2023 (Series 1)
2. Gauteng : 26 August 2023 (Series 2)
3. Limpopo : 01 September 2023 (Series 3)
4. Northwest : 09 September 2023 (Series 4)
5. Eastern Cape (ELS) : October 2023 (Series 5)
6. Eastern Cape (Gheberha) : December 2023 (Series 6)
7. Northen Cape : November / December 2023 (Series 7)
8. Mpumalanga : October / November 2023 ( Series 8)
9. Free State : January / February 2024 (Series 9)
10. Western Cape : February / March 2024 (Series 10)

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