Cricket Tourney for Girls

by | Aug 2, 2006

As Women’s Month gets underway, gsport is aware of a number of efforts to promote sport among women around the country.

The Sowetan newspaper reports today that North West education MEC, Johannes Tselapedi, has initiated a cricket development tournament in a bid to promote the sport among women in the area.

The inaugural North West under-16 MEC Girls’ Cricket Cup will be played in Potchefstroom, from Thursday to August 9 at Potchefstroom Technical High, Ferdinand Postma High and Die Wilge Special School.

Jackie Maila, head of school enrichment programmes, said:  “We have realised that cricket is dominated by men, but it has a big following among women.

“MEC Tselapedi felt there is a need to start a tournament targeting girls. Twelve schools from our five regions will take part in the tournament.

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