Dedicated Volunteer Grandmom

Dedicated Volunteer Grandmom

Who can compete with such a dedicated grandmother….attending to her athletic duties and having to babysit these two cuties at the same time.

Zelda Hansen believes the little ones need to be shown from a young age …”we don’t just play or work, we give our time to the cause we love, support and cherish.”

She deserves to win Volunteer of the Year!



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I'm a proud mom of a Paralympic Javelin Thrower. On a voluntary basis, I am an executive member of the WPSAPD council, I have held the position of Vice Chairperson, and now I manage the media and marketing. My career field has been in Hospitality. I have trained as a life coach focusing on youth with physical disabilities and people diagnosed with a progressive disease. Besides that, I have started a Networking Group - Helderberg Accommodation Networking Association. I have been diagnosed with a progressive disease Essential shaking away, I strive to keep active, busy, focused, happy.

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  1. Zelda Hansen 2016-08-05 at 21:29

    Yes this person Vivienne Hamman is a magnificent human being. Always seeing the good in others. Supporting her Paralympian son so the way. Thanks Vivienne for all the kind words towards me- this is my life!!!!

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