Despite Maryke’s Brave Efforts, Israel Wins

On Saturday, 14 November 2015 Maryke ‘Ykie’ Kennard gallantly lead the MWEB Protea eSports Team for League of Legends to take on Israel in an official IeSF sanctioned Test Match that will hopefully further prepare the South African team for the IeSF’s 7th World Championships to be played in Seoul, South Korea.

The Protea Team played from THE H.I.V.E, Montecasino, Johannesburg, and was screened on

The Protea Team got off to a nervous start in the first game. It should be noted that this was the first time that the current South African team had ever played against another national team. Even the IeSA’s (Israeli eSports Federation) thought that the team went in too aggressively, and were thus punished for such aggression.

The second game saw a totally different Protea Team. The aggression and nervousness was gone, and in its place, under the careful guidance of team captain Maryke ‘Ykie’ Kennard, there was a greater level of a planned offensive. The Protea Team worked well as a cohesive unit and held the Israeli team.

However, the lag finally tipped the game in the favour of the Israeli’s who finally, after a 55 minute match, wrested victory from the South African Team.

The test match certainly taught the South African Team just what to expect.

On the plus side, the Protea team demonstrated just how quickly they can learn, implement, and adapt.

The team leaves for Korea on 30 November 2015.

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