Disqualified SPAR PMB Runners Re-Instated, Revised Results Awaited

The five runners that were sanctioned with disqualification from the Pietermaritzburg leg of the 2018 SPAR Grand Prix on Sunday after they wrongly followed an official vehicle off the race route, have been re-instated.

gsport has received communications from KwaZulu Natal Athletics, stating: “Unanimous Decision to Re-instate disqualified Female Runners – KZN Athletics Management Committee has decided to re-instate the 5 ladies that were disqualified on Sunday and that the organisers ensure that they are rightfully compensated. 

Among measures announced by KwaZulu-Natal Athletics on Thursday are that double prize money must be paid to ensure that the wrongly sanctioned runners are not adversely affected, and that the race organisers must formulate a corrected finishing order based on merit, to prevent consequential detriment in their SPAR Grand Prix leaderboard.

The letter, bearing a signature of KZNA General Manager, Goodman Cele, proceeds to say:  

With regards to concerns raised regarding the above-mentioned event, KZN Athletics KZNA Management Committee (Manco) today, 23 August 2018, decided that:

  1. KZNA and the organiser Unbranded, take full responsibility for the error that occurred at the event, of which athletes were innocent victims and hereby apologise to affected parties;
  2. The five athletes that were disqualified at the event, are reinstated;
  3. With the support of the event’s major sponsor and partner, SPAR, it was also agreed that a double-prize payment will be made to ensure that no athlete is prejudiced, when means that all runners who crossed the line in the top 10, plus the five athletes who are now reinstated, will receive their prize money;
  4. The organiser was instructed to proceed and formulate a finishing order on merit and proceed to pay all 15 athletes;
  5. With regard to the points system, it was decided that SPAR National, who runs the system, will take into consideration the new finishing order system formulated based on athlete’s performance on the day, after compensating for the error.

The original race release circulated on Sunday placed Irvette van Zyl first, followed by Jenet Mbhele (2nd), Rutendo Nyahora (3rd), Portia Ngwenya (4th), Rudo Mhonderwa (5th), Patience Murowe (6th), Nobukhosi Tshuma (7th), Cornelia Joubert  (8th), Cherise Sims (9th) and Mokulubete Makatisi (10th).

The official record on Sunday apportioned a race result of DNQ to Glenrose Xaba, Kesa Molotsane, Manorallo Tjoka, Neheng Khatala and Legogang Phalula.

The original statement read: “It was quite a dramatic day for the top runners, but we are pleased that the policies and procedures in place were able to help resolve the results.”

Five runners were disqualified for following the incorrect route,” said the now overturned result. “At the conclusion of the race, objections were lodged, and a jury was convened.”


Photo 1 caption: The elite runners start off at this year’s Maritzburg SPAR Women’s 10km that took place on Sunday, 19 August in the capital. Photo: Rogan Ward

Photo 2 caption: Kesa Molotsane, Glenrose Xaba, Neheng Khatala  and Irvette van Zyl in the early part of the Maritzburg SPAR Women’s 10km. Photo: Rogan Ward


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