Egypt Storms to AAG Medals Lead

Justine Robbeson won South Africa’s first athletics Gold medal in the ninth edition of the All Africa games in Algeria on Saturday, when her best javelin throw soared to a winning 58.09 metres, but South Africa’s fortunes are being threatened by competing nations.

In a worrying development, South Africa has dropped to third position with 52 Gold on the medals table, after Egypt stormed to the top with 60 from fourth position in the past two days, overtaking Algeria (57) and South Africa, while Nigeria (44) now looms in fourth position, before Tunisia’s 39 Gold medals.
In the women’s divisions, South African ladies lead together with Nigeria, each with 23 Gold medals, while Algeria boasts 19, and Egypt has 14. In the total team medal stakes, South Africa (145) is third behind Algeria (165) and Egypt (159), with two day’s competition to go.
On Saturday Sunette Viljoen (Bronze, also in Javelin) added to South Africa’s 10 medals for Team SA on the athletics track on Saturday, while the Chess women brought in Silver for the overall women’s team (Jenine Ellappen, Denise Frick, Melissa Greef, Anzel Solomon and Suvania Moodliar.
In the women’s singles matches, Denise Frick, Melissa Greef and Anzel Solomon also brought in Silver medals, while Jenine Ellappen brought in Bronze in her effort.
Friday had been a better day for South Africa, earning ten Gold medals and in a total of 31 medals for the day.
Sailing brought in five Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze in a total of 9 medals, added to the 7 medals brought in by the Badminton squad.
Stand-out performances by South Africa’s women on Friday included Anika Smit’s Silver in the High Jump, and Constance Mkenku’s 100m second place for silver, after she improved her lifetime best times three runs in a row.
Bronze medals were won by Marcoleen Pretorius (High Jump) and Eva Thornton (Pole-Vault), the Ladies Singles Badminton contestants M Edwards (Bronze) and S Doubell (Silver) added to the bounty, and K Harrington teamed up with R Dednam for another Bronze in the Mixed Doubles.
Tessa Cloete won a Silver medal in the 10m air rifle Shooting discipline, while Women’s Singles progress to the next round in rowing.
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