Fabienne Lanz Rebrands with Backdraft Cobra Roadsters

South African racing driver Fabienne Lanz has rebranded with Backdraft Cobra Roadsters.

She started off her independence driving as she raced at Phakisa in Welkom with the Backdraft Cobra Roadsters on 4th February, in the GT3 category.

Lanz was set to race in the GT4 category but she worked herself up and set a pace to qualify for GT3, which is a faster set of laptimed divisions. She managed to break out of the GT4 and into the end of the GT3, where she found herself in front of the pack of the GT3 cars. She kept her pace driving the race where she went in smoothly on the 1.58.00 to 1.59.00 bracket dropping to 2.00.00 when racing through traffic of slower cars.

She kept her cool for the one hour race, where she only had a 4 minute compulsory stop where she was able to drink water and continued with the race to win the GT3 category and placed 4th overall.

She also finished third in the class for the 3 short heat races of the day: ” l had an awesome race with Tony Martin, owner of Backdraft Racing. It was a privilege to race on track like we did dicing corner to corner, lap after lap, I am sure it kept the crowd on their toes.”

She concluded by thanking her team: “I would like to thank Backdraft racing for the opportunity and entrusting me to bring their car home in 1st place. As a racing driver this is the achievement I work so hard for. To the organizers of the GT Supercup, what a stunning concept of racing and to gain so much seat time, which is needed when learning a new car.”



Photo 1 Caption: South African racing driver Fabienne Lanz has rebranded with Backdraft Cobra Roadsters where she won the GT3 category at Phakisa racing track in Welkom. Photo: Supplied

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