The amount of work behind the scenes  at  MSSA’s SA National Championships (SAN) is truly phenomenal, for not only must the administration ensure  the swift running of the most  prestigious  championship in the country, but it must also keep an eye on the other awards  that have to be  made such as the award of colours and the determination of the National Ladder Champions.

It is most pleasing therefore, that with the final  determination of the results, that for the first  time ever, females have taken titles. Not content with taking one title, two titles were wrested away from  male domination.

On 23 October 2017 it was  reported that ‘Revival’ (of IntenSity E-Sports) took the top place in the CounterStrike: GO Ladder. The team has hung on to the position to end up as the 2017 SA National Ladder Champions. There is no doubt that the team consisting of Blair “Blunts&Blair” Hamberger, Jessi-Rae “Jessi-Rae” Warren, Heike “psyxgypsy” Romatzki, Sasha-Leigh “Emo” Morrison, and Kira “Starlight” Leigh Allen intend to make a difference.

Then there is Kaira Gabriella Pinard (Valhalla) who managed to win two titles at the SA National Championships. However, it was only in HearthStone that Kaira managed to take the title of SA National Ladder Champion.


Photograph: Kaira Gabriella Pinard (Valhalla)