The Best Newcomer Award goes to…

The Best Newcomer Award goes to…

Every year at Mind Sports South Africa’s  (MSSA) Annual General Meeting (AGM), the member clubs have agonized over who should be awarded the Best Newcomer Award – well that is from 1987…

The award may only be awarded to the Registered Player who,  in the eyes of the Annual General Meeting, has done exceptionally well in his/her initial stages of membership.

Simone is only the second female to be awarded such award.

There is no doubt that anybody that is able, as Simone was, to rise to become a member of the Protea Esports Squad, receive her Protea Colours for playing an online test match against Switzerland, as well as be selected to be the Vice-Captain of such Protea League of Legends team.

Her achievements remind me of an adventurous tale which can rank with the very best stories of achievement.

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