Wartburg local Frankie du Toit (Absolute Motion) claimed the Elite Women’s title at the 2017 KZNMTB Provincial XCO Championships at Aloe Wildlife Estate on Saturday 24 June, ahead of Bianca Haw and Skye Davidson.

The crispy winter morning air was soon forgotten when the riders brought the heat to the provincial champs.

Many who had ridden it in practise sessions prior to racing had mentioned the flatness of the course, and that there were very few technical sections. This made for no rest time and excellent sprint finishes to watch for the spectators at the end of each race.

Du Toit mentioned that she had no time for a rest, and constantly had to power through the race.


Leading Elite Women’s Results at the 2017 KZN MTB Provincial Championships, on Saturday, 24 June, 2017:
1. Frankie du Toit 1:36.33
2. Bianca Haw 1:40.08
3. Skye Davidson 1:50.52 *
4. Kelly Simkiss
Youth Women:
1. Beani Thies 0:51.25
2. Megan Bircher 0:51.29
3. Bridget Theunissen 0:55.30
Vets Women:
1. Natalie Bergstrom 1:06.41
2. Landy Puddu 1:09.10
3. Carol Thomas 1:18.18
Sub Junior Girls:
1. Chloe Bateson 0:52.43
2. Ansli de Beer 1:00.00
Master Women:
1. Ingrid Flint 1:00.44
Grand Master Women:
1. Frances Marsburg 1:01.37
Nipper Girls:
1. Hannah Elliott 0:33.22
2. Jodi Mackinnon 0:36.38
3. Derryn Millward
*Out of province rider


Photo caption: Frankie du Toit was the fastest Elite Women at the 2017 KZNMTB Provincial XCO Championships on Saturday. Photo: Gavin Ryan/QuickPix


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