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Kass Naidoo represented gsport … for Girls! on Monday, when she was invited by the National Hockey Team to an exclusive session, to discuss media strategy with the girls.

The hockey squad are assembled at the High Performance Centre in Pretoria for a week of intensive training ahead of their participation in the 2006 Samsung Hockey World Cup, commencing in Madrid, Spain from the end of this month.

Speaking from a journalist’s perspective, Naidoo discussed the essential elements of a positive media campaign, and coached the team on key issues when facing the media.

“It was such a pleasure spending time with the team, understanding their challenges, and helping them understand more about the media and how to get increased exposure, as women in sport,” said Naidoo.

Pretoria's High Performance Centre, where the National Hockey Team is based for a week's intensive training prior to the Hockey World Cup in Spain.
Pretoria’s High Performance Centre, where the National Hockey Team is based for a week’s intensive training prior to the Hockey World Cup in Spain.

An issue touched on was the difficulty many players encounter in ensuring adequate compensation for public appearances, which is rarely the case with male sports stars.

“There are cases where event organisers, schools, and universities, take advantage of sports women, because they know that women’s sport need exposure and these stars would generally make appearances free of charge. But they’re unlikely to expect a free appearance from someone like Ryk Neethling.

“gsport has pledged to advise the national hockey team on how to build their brand, get the right exposure, and be treated with the kind of respect they deserve,” said Naidoo.

Over the next few months, gsport plans to spend time with various women’s sports stars to understand your needs and help wherever we can.

The SPAR SA Women’s Hockey Team:
Tarryn Bright (WP), Cindy Brown (WP), Dirkie Chamberlain (NOR), Fiona Butler (SG), Henna du Buisson (WP), Lesle Ann George (NW), Kate Hector (WP), Taryn Hosking (WP), Kim Hubach (NOR), Caroline Jack (SG), Lenise Marais (WP), Marsha Marescia (SG)(Capt), Tsoanelo Pholo (SG), Mariette Rix (WP), Shelley Russell (WP), Kathleen Taylor (WP), Sharne Wehmeyer (SG), Jen Wilson (KZN).

Non Travelling Reserves:
Natasha Davidson (SG), Marcelle Keet (NOR), Sanani Mangisa (NOR) and Vidette Ryan (WP).

Mrs. Shaune Baaitjies (Manager), Miss Jenny King (Coach), Mr. Fabian Gregory (Assistant Coach), Mr. Adrian Carolan (Video / Statician), Dr. Karin Hugo (Trainer) and Ms. Marlene Naicker (Physiotherapist).

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