Gutsy Adie Grabs Ozzie Gladwin Win

by | Nov 11, 2012

Olympic bronze medallist Bridgitte Hartley finished second in The Unlimited Ozzie Gladwin, behind a gutsy Abby Adie, who claimed her fifth consecutive title. Photo: Anthony Grote / Gameplan Media

Abby Adie has won the Unlimited Ozzie Gladwin for the fifth year in succession. The gutsy Team Best 4 Kayak Centre ace was however continually worried about the whereabouts of Olympic bronze medallist Bridgitte Hartley.

Abby Adie continued her dominance of The Unlimited Ozzie Gladwin by winning a fifth title in succession. Anthony Grote / Gameplan Media

“I think I spent more time looking back over my shoulder than looking forward,” said a relieved Adie afterwards. “It is so good having Bridgitte in the field. She has done so much for the sport and to have her here really raised the bar,” said Adie.

“It was such fun,” bubbled Hartley. “I think I was actually in the lead for a short while on the portage, which I just couldn’t believe, but it didn’t last for long. River paddling is where I started and it was so good to be back in a big river race.”

Third place went to tenacious Team Racefood/Matelec star Hilary Pitchford. “The other girls were so strong. I could hear the crowd cheering for Bridgitte Hartley ahead of me, but I never got to see her! It was a very lonely race!” said Pitchford.

The big field of 690 paddlers enjoyed blazing sunshine after weeks of relentless rains, a good water release from Albert falls dam, and further water from the fast flowing tributaries that fed the river along the way. The Unlimited Ozzie Gladwin is the first major seeding race for the Unlimited Dusi in February.

Celebrity participant Unathi Msengana completed the 26km outing with her partner Craig Mustard as part of her preparations for The Unlimited Dusi in February, and bubbled enthusiastically about her first race experience on the river.

Idols judge and celebrity paddler Unathi Msengana shrieks as she shoots Albert Falls Weir with her partner Craig Mustard during The Unlimited Ozzie Gladwin. Msengana is preparing for The Unlimited Dusi, in February. Photo: Anthony Grote / Gameplan Media


Leading Results at The Unlimited Ozzie Gladwin:
1. Abby Adie 13.16
2. Bridgitte Hartley 2:17.29
3. Hilary Pitchford 2:21.30
4. Jenna Ward 2:26.23
5. Kerry Segal 2:27.10


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