1. Visit https://gsport.co.za
2. Log in via Facebook or Twitter
3. Start voting!

Ok. But did you know that you can double your daily support for your favourite finalist?

Voting rules for the 2015 SPAR gsport Awards:
1. Membership is freely available to anyone*
2. A member gains 3 votes daily for logging in**
3. These votes must be used in different voting categories
4. More votes can be earned by meeting Achievements***
5. A member must have at least 4 points to vote in the same category twice a day****

* Unused login votes expire at midnight
** One gsport membership allowed per person
***More about Achievements at https://gsport.co.za/achievements/ Achievements Points do not expire
**** No matter how many bonus points earned, it’s not possible to vote for more than twice in the same category per a day

Don’t forget – voting closes Friday 7 August! Get your votes in quick!