It has been a while since I have taken time out to blog to encourage more women to make their dreams of being in the sports industry a reality.

You may be wondering what my biggest highlight has been since my last blog and sitting on top if the pile would be the opportunity I received from SABC Sport At 10 when I guest presented in December 2019.

The SABC went on a nationwide search for a guest presenter for their last show of 2019. I was chosen from many hopefuls who uploaded their videos for this great opportunity.

Even though I made my mark and displayed my talent in front of thousands of South Africans who tuned in, the hard work does not stop. I am still on a journey looking for more opportunities.

I have been observing the increasing number of young women who do not only love sport but aspire to break into the sports industry, from radio hosts to TV reporters.

That has inspired me to write this short piece with the aim of encouraging women like myself. Women who are not where they want to be but are confident enough that they will get there and are working towards it.

Be a Go-Getter

Firstly, I want to begin by saying that there is space for all of us to shine in this industry. However, before you can shine, you need to be intentional, be passionate about what you want to do, you need to establish what makes you unique, and what makes you standout.

We have many amazing women in sport and they each brought something unique to the industry that made them survive for as long as they have. We cannot recreate them however we can draw inspiration from them.

I want to encourage all the women like myself who are still growing brands and those who are scared to take the first step towards their dreams.

Stop waiting for opportunities to come to you. Get up and start creating opportunities for yourself. Equip yourself with knowledge for different sporting codes, start a YouTube channel, start a blog, seek a mentor (someone who is accomplished in an area that you are hoping to grow in), create audition tapes and send them to Sports Broadcasting Corporations.

I know how it feels to constantly call sports channels begging for opportunities or asking them when they will host auditions. I know how it feels to write e-mails and receive no feedback or rather receive a “We regret to inform you,” or “We don’t have vacant positions” e-mail. I know rejection hurts, but it does not mean it should discourage you to give up on your dreams.

Truth is most sport channels do not host auditions anymore, they have resorted to approaching individuals with experience, who will help increase viewership and individuals who have been putting in the work and “raising their hands” to be considered for certain shows.

I am writing to simply encourage you to go after your dreams. It may sound cliché but simply talking about our dreams and mentioning them on our social media bios won’t make them a reality, but actions will. Use this lockdown to come up with a plan, analyse the sports industry and see where your skills, knowledge and talents are needed.



Photo 1 Caption: gsport Member, Sinethemba Mbatha, blogs to encourage more women to make their dreams of being in the sports industry a reality. Photo: Supplied

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